Google Search Ads

How to Find a Needle in a Haystack

Method 5: Innovation

What is the first place you go to when looking for something? That’s right, Google!

What are Google search ads?

Let’s assume a consumer is looking for a water bottle in Google, and they specifically want BPA-free options that are orange. They would the following prompt into Google: “Orange BPA-free water bottles”

Now, let’s assume that your company sells BPA-free water bottles in a large variety of colours. Ideally, you would want your products and website to show up on the first page of results for the above search or any searches similar.

This is where those search ads come in! When creating a Google search ad, you would need to use relevant keywords to the product, so that consumers see your products when they are actively looking for them.

Furthermore, this is where our expertise comes in. Because, you see, there are probably thousands of companies selling BPA-free water bottles that come in various colours, so the keywords your company uses for these ads need to be clever and outsmart your competitors.

Of course, in order to strategize against competitors, a competitor’s analysis would need to be conducted so that we understood who your company is competing against. We would also need to properly define your target market, and research their interests, age, and genders – all of which help us build content that reaches and speaks to them.