Google Display Ads

How to Find a Needle in a Haystack

Consider a time when you were interested in a new topic, so you searched it on Google, read a few blogs, and perhaps watched a YouTube video on it. Then, once you were done, you started noticing ads for that same topic on various online pages such as your social media pages, gaming sites, or other online applications.

This is what we call display ads.

How do display ads work?

Display ads refer to visual advertisements that appear to you on various online platforms. These ads utilise engaging imagery and/or video content and are often placed on blogs, social media platforms, gaming apps, websites and the like.

The ads utilise consumer demographics to target consumers. This means that your online search habits dictate the type of ads that will appear, as well as, your age, gender, interests, behaviours and so on.

An advantage of using this method of digital advertising is that you can determine who to target this ad to. For example, if you are selling perfume, you are likely to target women, right? However, during the month of Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, you would potentially want to target these ads to men, as they would purchase this for their girlfriends, wives, mothers, and so on.

Additionally, since these ads target consumer interests, it is likely to show this ad to your consumer a few times, as they navigate between different online sites through the course of their day. The advantage of this is that as they constantly see these ads for your offering, they are more likely to remember you when they eventually require your products/services.