Why Your Business Needs LinkedIn Marketing

Did you know that using LinkedIn for marketing could greatly improve your business marketing strategy?

This is due to the fact that LinkedIn is a platform used by professionals to engage with prospective employers, employees, colleagues, businesses, and the like.

Meaning that your business would be able to reach and connect with your specific target markets.

LinkedIn’s Algorithm

LinkedIn is different from social media because its algorithm prioritizes relevancy and engagement. Users are provided with content that is relevant to them and is based on their:

  • Skills
  • Job title
  • Education
  • Industry
  • Company size

This means that the quality of content posted is more important than quantity.

Ad Auctions

When it comes to paid advertising on LinkedIn, two main factors determine the appearance of your ads:

  1. Your bid

Your bid refers to the amount of money you want to spend daily from the start until the end of your campaign. There is an option for you to run your ad continuously with no end date. The amount of money that you actually end up spending might be less than your budget set. You can also change your bid at any time.

  1. Relevancy

Because LinkedIn works to ensure that users are provided with information that is relevant to them, each post on the platform is assigned a relevancy score. This score is based on Predictive Response Rates (how likely users are to respond to this content).

LinkedIn uses objective-based pricing. This means that you are only billed when the objective of your campaign is met.

For example, if you bid on the goal for users to click on your website, then you will only pay once users do exactly that.

Tips for marketing on LinkedIn

  • Keep your profile updated regularly– aim for 100% completeness
  • The page should be effective– meaning that customers should easily be able to learn more about your company and engage with the content
  • Identify your goals and target your audience– Knowing what you want to get out of using the platform will inform you of how to market on it.
  • Optimize your page– Use keywords, post relevant content, use hashtags, share links to your website
  • Grow your followers– Use your employees to your advantage, if they share the page then that might lead to their connections following as well
  • Quality and relevant content– Share thoughts and content that is insightful and relevant from others.
  • Use rich media– images, videos, good team moments, live videos, stories (when it returns)

Now that you have all the tools on how to use the platform the last step is building the page for your LinkedIn Business page. Be sure to share content that will help establish your business as a thought leader in your industry.

And if you are still unsure, then let us take the worries off your hand. Here at Haystack!SEO our goal is to enhance your digital marketing needs.

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