Why Are My Google Ads Not Showing?

Now, there are a number of reasons why you aren’t seeing your ads every time you use Google, however, most of them can be easily sorted out.

We know this can be stressful, because of course you want your ads to not only work but to reach the right audience and create conversions.

Therefore, in this blog, we break down some possibilities as to why you are not seeing your ads, as well as, how to fix these issues.


1.      You Keep Searching Your Ads Without Clicking

This is perhaps one of the most common reasons that you are not seeing your ads anymore after searching for them.


Let’s say that you type in your keywords into Google and then you receive the results, one of which is your advert. Obviously, you are not going to click on them because this wastes your budget. However, because you did not click on this ad, Google recognizes this and assumes that you did not click on this ad because it is not relevant to you. Therefore, the more you Google these terms, the more Google is going to try and show you an ad that you will actually click on.


2.      Your Budget Is Too Low

When you are trying to choose keywords for your ads, you are most likely going to choose words that people often search for to ensure that your ads are reaching a wide audience.


However, this means that if Google were to show your ads all the time, then your budget could potentially be used up in a day since those keywords you have chosen are that popular. Therefore, in order to combat this, Google spaces out the display of your ads.


3.      Low Search Volume Keywords Used

Choosing the right keywords is essential for a successful Google ads campaign. If you have chosen to target a keyword that receives low search traffic, then this means that your ads are not reaching an audience, because nobody is searching up those words.


Google will then detect this low search volume, and in turn, will make your ad inactive. If these keywords begin to increase in search volume, then Google will reactivate your ad.


4.      Incorrect Geographical Location

When creating an ad on Google, there are many factors that you select in order for your ad to reach your target audience. Factors such as keywords, phrases searched, sometimes gender, and also geographical location.


In saying that, if you are trying to find your ads online, but you are not located in that particular region, then Google will not make this ad visible to you for that specific reason.


5.      Your Payments Are Not Going Through

Many advertisers pay for Google Ads using an automatic payment method. Meaning, at a certain time it will automatically go off as a debit order. However, if there are complications concerning this, perhaps your bank has rejected these payments, or perhaps your banking details are not valid/updated, then this could potentially cause issues.


6.      Your Ads Have Been Paused Or Removed

If you have accidentally paused your ad, then this could perhaps be the reason why it is not showing up. Luckily, you can simply check this in your ads manager and switch it from paused to enabled.


On the other hand, there is a possibility that your ads may have been removed, in which case you will have to start from the beginning.


Working with Google Ads can be tricky, especially if you don’t know all the possibilities as to why or how things may go south. But luckily for you, you don’t necessarily have to remember all this information.


Instead, you can let the experts handle it! Because your business should be easier to find than a needle in a haystack!

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