Everything You Need to Know About Vlogs

You’ve learnt all about blogs in our older post, so now it’s time to talk about vlogs and what this could do for your business.


The word vlog is a portmanteau of the words video and blog. This style of video has been around as early as 2 January 2000 when a man named Adam Kontras posted a video documenting his trip to Los Angeles for his friends and family to watch.


Since then, vlogging has become the ideal way for people to share their thoughts, advice, and opinions visually.


How can vlogging help your business?



    1. Visual Communication


Visual communication is so powerful because people respond so strongly to images and videos.


If there is one thing we know for certain, it’s that people are more likely to consume video over text. By creating videos, you are guaranteed to reach people faster than by using text.


    1. Google Ranking


Google favours videos, so this means that if you are creating optimized titles and descriptions for your videos, then you are likely to appear at the top of Google searches.


    1. Increases web traffic


Because visual communication is such a direct way to engage with people, you can easily drive them towards your website whether it be by putting links at the end of your videos or even in the description bar.


    1. Credibility is increased


People are likely to find your content more credible because they can see who the speaker is, how confidently information is presented and judge your ability to answer questions in the comment section.


    1. Content can be shared via social media


Videos, especially those uploaded to YouTube, tend to reach a wide variety of people because they can be shared on social media. That means if people like your content, they will share it and now it is reaching a whole new audience.




The more views your videos receive, the more it creates visibility for your business.


Factors to Consider

Now that you’re ready to begin vlogging, there are a few important notes to think about:


    • Fact- check multiple times


This goes for every platform that you share information on, always make sure to check your facts before posting. A comment section full of people calling you out is not what you want.


    • Good Quality videos


Make sure that the quality of your video is clear. Poor quality looking videos is enough to make people click off before they have even had the chance to hear what you have to say.


    • Don’t Bombard viewers with promotions


Viewers do not want to feel like they are watching an advert when they click on an informational video. Stick to the content of the title and subtly draw their attention to your products and services at the end or in the description of your video.


Online video content is the future according to statistics, which predict that by 2022 online videos will make up 82% of web traffic.


Hence why it certainly is a smart move for your business to add vlogging to your content posts. By adding this visual element to your marketing strategy, you can enrich the user experience. People can consume your content in a manner that is most satisfying to them.


Let’s not forget the fact that vlogging is a free way to advertise your business and reach a wide range of people!


However, if you really want to solidify the results, then we are here to help you. Here at HaystackSEO we provide a wide range of digital marketing services such as SEO and PPC, copywriting, content management, data analytics and the like.  So get in touch with us today and guarantee that your vlogs reach the right audience.

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