Can AI Be Used for Website Copy?

With the emergence of ChatGPT and its ever-growing popularity, people have turned to these tools for various projects in their lives. 

Whether it be for studying purposes, writing eloquent emails, and in some cases, even using this tool for various digital marketing purposes. Since its introduction, it has even become a ‘second’ search engine, where people can quickly gather information on a diverse range of topics. 

In this month’s blog, we’ll delve into whether or not AI tools should be used for Website copy. 

AI Content for Digital Marketing

There is no doubt, that many of us may struggle with the art of putting words together to create that beautiful string of text that captivates a reader. 

So, of course, a tool dedicated to taking your rough ideas and producing a lovely array of copy that sounds good and piques your reader’s interest, is a good thing, right?


See, when it comes to digital marketing, it is so much more than simply making words sound good. The goal is always to ensure that your content is reaching your target audience, and this requires dedicated research and strategic writing. 


Cons of Using AI for Website Copy

While AI tools produce good-sounding copy, there are some areas in which they may be falling short:


1. Keywords

For websites, in particular, the copy requires strategic writing. This means, conducting full keyword research, to identify what keywords are associated with your products/services. 

Additionally, the keywords that you would need to use, are often keywords that your competitors are already using. Therefore the copy needs to be written in a way that is unique but still compelling and clear. 


2. Accuracy 

Since AI obtains its information from the web and the information that people feed it daily, it can begin using strings of text from other websites, which may not always be correct. In fact, many tools specifically stipulate that mistakes can occur, so users must be wary of this. 


3. SEO

When it comes to website visibility, SEO is crucial. This refers to the optimization of your content, using keywords, to ensure that the right people are finding your products/services. 

This all boils down to using the correct keywords, and also, Google’s algorithm. In this case, AI-generated content may not be favoured as much as human-produced content, because it often lacks originality. 

This brings us to our next point. 


4. Repetitive phrases

AI content tends to have a repetitiveness to it. There are certain words and phrases that it favours, and uses often. 

This could become problematic down the line when many businesses decide to make use of these tools, and the only factor differentiating your website from theirs, is price. After all, it is content being generated from software, therefore, while it may sound professional, it often lacks the ability to add a human touch to it. 

And considering that your target audience is most certainly human, you need your copy to stand out and allow your readers to form a connection.


How to Use AI Tools for Copywriting

Now, even though we pointed out the factors as to why AI-generated copy may not be the best solution, we did not say that you should not use it all. 

After all, this can be a very useful tool for digital marketing if used correctly!


Grammar checks

Grammar is incredibly important for your website because this is a reflection of your brand and work ethic. Spelling errors and awkward sentence structures will leave potential customers lacking confidence in your business.

AI tools can be used to check your grammar and ensure that everything flows smoothly. 


Conceptualising Ideas

Sometimes, as a creative individual, it is normal to experience writer’s block. 

In such cases, AI tools are great for providing you with a starting point and sparking some good ideas. 


Paraphrasing sentences

We’ve all been there, where we write a sentence, reread it, and realise that it just does not sound as good as it could. 


In such cases, AI tools can help you quickly add some flair. Ask it to change up the tone, or list alternative adjectives, and just like that, you can take a fairly boring string of text, and turn it into a captivating piece. 


Final Thoughts on AI-Generated Content

All in all, there are a lot of pros and cons to using AI-generated content for digital marketing. 
While it is best to avoid it, the key is to find that perfect balance between using this tool to assist you here and there and relying on it completely. A human touch will always outdo and outrank content generated by a robot because, as living, breathing, emotive individuals, we have a better idea of how to connect with each other. 
However, if you still feel that writing copy is not for you, then why not let us take that tiresome task off your hands? 
Reach out to us today and let us help make you discoverable online!
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