The 5 Most Influential Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

The world of marketing is always changing, which is why it is important to keep up with current trends so that your digital marketing strategy can stay ahead of the game. Read on to learn more about the digital marketing trends that are here to stay.

1.     Inclusivity

When formulating your marketing strategy, the goal is to connect and engage with audiences. It is a known fact that people respond more positively to forms of media that represent and are inclusive of all identities. Whether it be race, gender, including gender-neutral pronouns, disabilities, going that extra mile shows that you and your brand is willing to grow with society and learn together.

Sure, you won’t be able to please every single person out there, but the little effort that is put in to be inclusive will definitely be appreciated.

For example, adding a simple nonbinary title such as ‘ZE’ or ‘MX’ in any surveys that require information. Having advertisements that represent a large range of people.

2.     Tap to Buy

Shoppable content is a trend that grew over the lockdown period. People often use multiple media devices at once, i.e., watching Netflix on TV whilst browsing through social media. And by making content on social media easy to purchase the minute it catches your eye; you will be making sales at a much faster pace and are likely to drive traffic to your website.

This form of shopping is also popular because of the convenience of doing everything online and not having to leave the house to interact with another person.

Therefore, for your marketing strategy of 2024, consider adding e-commerce to your sites and social media platforms. Still stay true to your brand’s persona and values and draw people in by using these qualities but, optimise your content so that it is easily shoppable.

3.     Eco Friendly

The pandemic seemed to open the eyes of many when it comes to thinking about sustainability. Firstly, shopping local is something that grew significantly, but also awareness of the eco-crisis grew as well.

Nowadays many people prefer to support and purchase eco-friendly products and brands. So, consider how your brand can do its part to show support for this movement.

Whether it be holding a campaign that raises funds to go towards green movements or swapping out certain products for ones made with eco-friendly materials, doing something is important. And building marketing campaigns around charity/conservation work provides a positive brand image.

4.     Influencer Marketing

People respond well to public figures that they admire and follow on social media. By using trusted influencers to promote products, your brand immediately becomes a lot more authentic.

But, for this to work, it is essential that you find an influencer that is true to their word and who has a following that was gained organically– meaning they did not buy their followers and likes.

Take a fitness influencer as an example.

  • This person has found a fitness routine and diet that has provided positive results.
  • They then share this on their platforms.
  • Their followers try out these tips and it works for them and so the followers will encourage more and more people to follow this influencer because they are providing a method for a healthy lifestyle that provides good results.

Since this influencer has established themselves in their niche and gained a following authentically, if they were to start promoting a new vitamin, then their following is very likely to purchase this vitamin as well because the influencers previous tips have worked.

The influencer made a connection with their followers, creating this sense of loyalty. And it is through this sense of loyalty that brands can use to their advantage whilst also creating a positive image around their product. Not forgetting, this form of marketing allows for the possibility of your brand reaching a larger audience than anticipated.

5.     Relevance

Relevance is incredibly important. But what does this mean?

Well, it means a bunch of things. Because Google and other social media platforms are algorithm-driven, it is important to post content that is relevant to the target market and ensure that your content is optimized so that it reaches people.

Keep in mind that people respond quite negatively to brands that appear spammy, that is why it is essential to optimize content so that it reaches the relevant crowd.

This is how you will drive traffic to your website and bring in loyal customers.

Well, there you have, the 5 most influential digital marketing trends that you should be incorporating into your 2024 marketing strategies. Need a little assistance on the fine-tuning such as the SEO, PPC or Content? That’s where we come in! 

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