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Words matter, now more than ever before.

How to Find a Needle in a Haystack

Method 3: Blow the Haystack Away

You need good-quality content because you want to be taken seriously. You want to build trust in your brand and authority in your industry.

We believe you should be on top, and we can be the voice you need to get there.

Have you ever visited a website looking for answers to your questions about a business, shop or brand, only to leave with even more questions and confusion? Don’t put your visitors through that, too. Give them what they came for, and do it in your unique style.

We make sure that words are working for you, and not dragging you down.


What Is Content Writing & Editing?

What you say – the words you use – are a reflection of your brand and its values.

Yes, you use those words to sell your product or service.

But you also use it to introduce yourself, to build a rapport with your potential clients, to give them a reason to trust your quality, to make them excited about choosing you over your competition, and so much more. This is where your content comes in.

Your website is your online business card, your profile picture, your elevator pitch. There’s a reason your website has a Home Page – it needs to be welcoming! It needs to both look and feel good, so that your visitors want to hang around a bit longer and really get to know you.

So tell a story. Blow the haystack away into the wind while still having your readers holding on to every strand of hay as it flies off. Build the anticipation… Excite them; thrill them! And of course, unveil a product or service like no other at the bottom of the haystack – the shiny needle that they’ve been searching for their whole life.


And always remember what your mother told you:

“It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.”

The Numbers

How do you measure the impact of your words?
Here are some statistics to help:

less than 15 seconds

The average user stays on your website for less than 15 seconds before leaving. Is your content engaging enough to keep them interested?



88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad online experience.

times more

Compelling copy draws 7.8 times more site traffic and produces brand recall (which brings higher engagement rates).

Let’s Get Technical 

We merge creativity and structure, storytelling and digital know-how, to write content for your website which not only enthrals and compels but also functions as a tool to get the right visitors to your website through the rules of SEO

Needs Analysis

We establish whether you need brand-new copy if your current copy just needs to be reworked, so that we can apply this to your SEO needs, depending on your end goal.

Collect Information

We ask you all of the necessary questions to retrieve the information we need about your company offerings to ensure that your new web content is factual and correct, and includes everything you need to say.


Brand & Tone

We identify the tone, voice, culture and brand identity that you wish to portray on your website so that the copy is consistent throughout and emits the feeling you want to put out there for your potential clients. Corporate, casual, simple, quirky – we can do it all!

Approval & Implementation

Once you are satisfied that the new content reflects your brand in the truest way, we add the refreshed copy to your website, and they all lived happily ever after.


Let's Get Writing!

Being found is not as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack when you have the right partner. Take our hand and let us show you the simplest way for you.


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